Bicolor Rose

The Bicolor Rose is a captivating flower that showcases a play of colors with its two-toned or shaded petals on a rose stem. Rose breeders have spent decades creating roses of various shapes, colors, and sizes. In addition to the traditional white, red, pink, and burgundy, there are now also purple and blue roses. In recent years, breeders in England have even managed to produce roses in a golden-brown color. The only thing they have not yet succeeded in creating is a black rose, as it does not naturally occur in nature.

Characteristics of Bicolor Rose

Breeders have developed a large number of bicolor rose varieties that astonish with their combination of unusual colors and vibrant hues, often featuring colorful petals. These are typically hybrid varieties that possess characteristics of multiple rose species. The color of these roses is usually not monochromatic but rather consists of two similar or contrasting shades within the same flower. One color is dominant, while the other appears in the form of small spots, streaks, or edges.

Bicolor roses can also be grafted onto standard rose stocks and they exhibit truly spectacular displays with their various color combinations. They do not differ significantly from other rose varieties in terms of care and pruning.

Purchasing Bicolor Roses

These roses can be purchased at gardening stores or through online retailers accessible on the internet. In most places, rose varieties are available for selection with prices indicated. To aid in the decision-making process, photographs of each rose are also displayed. Home delivery can be requested, and in some cases, no additional fee is charged for this service. Some places may require registration prior to placing an order.

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