Black Rose

Does a black rose exist in nature? Nowadays, you can see flowers of all colors on the shelves of stores and various online shops. From black to rainbow roses, they display a wide range of colors, some of which may appear quite unnatural. This raises the question in our minds: are these real? Perhaps the result of human intervention?

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Over the course of several decades, rose breeders have produced roses of various shapes, colors, and sizes. In addition to the different shades of white, red, pink, and burgundy, there are now also purple and blue roses. In recent years, a golden-brown rose has even been successfully produced in England. However, breeders have not yet been able to create a black rose.

This color of rose cannot be found in nature either. Its color does not symbolize anything positive, as it represents mourning, revolutionary spirit, rebellion, darkness, and the embodiment of evil. Colors have different influences on our mood. Black inherently carries negative connotations and is therefore not particularly popular. It is not a good choice for our loved ones either, as it symbolizes tragic love, death, and grief.

Black roses are now available in flower shops, and they can also be ordered through delivery services. Alternatively, they can be made at home as well.

Making a Black Rose


  • White cut roses
  • Black food coloring or ink
  • Sharp knife
  • Glass or cup


  1. Trim the stems of the roses slightly in a longitudinal direction.
  2. Mix black food coloring or ink into the glass of water.
  3. Place  the flowers into the glass and keep them in it for a few days so that the flowers absorb the food coloring, thus coloring the petals.

As an interesting note, there is also a Black Rose cake. It looks beautiful and tastes delicious, but it can be a bit time-consuming and requires some effort to make. However, it is not complicated, and even beginners can confidently give it a try!

Black Rose Varieties:

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