Blue Rose

The blue rose does not occur naturally in nature because the color blue is quite rare among flowers. The reason for this is that they do not contain true blue pigments, so they cannot produce a blue color. In the case of leaves, the blue color is even rarer than in flowers. However, due to high commercial interest in blue varieties of ornamental plants, researchers and gardeners are working to make this possible. But until then, even a naturally blue rose is still awaited.

The Impact of Colors

Colors have different effects on us, and they still have an impact even if we only imagine them without seeing them. There are four primary colors that have the strongest influence on us: green, yellow, red, and blue. Colors are often classified into warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) and cool colors (purple, blue, and green).

Colors affect our mood in different ways.

The shades of blue evoke a sense of calmness and peace. Blue has a soothing effect on us and directs our thoughts towards tranquility and rest. It helps us breathe more calmly and blink less frequently. It is believed that we are more productive in a blue room because the color blue has a calming effect, helping to relax the nervous system.

Indigo blue enhances intellectual activity and the accuracy of perception. However, too much of it can induce a depressed mood.

Blue Rose

Blue roses do not occur naturally in nature, just like black or rainbow roses. The blue color of a rose is not everyday, but it is not entirely unnatural either. The blue rose is a symbol of faith and trust, which brings complete tranquility. It is worth giving a blue rose when someone is facing something difficult, and we want to convey to them that they are capable of achieving their goals and overcoming obstacles: that is when we should gift them a blue rose.

Buying a bouquet of blue roses

Blue roses can be ordered from various flower delivery services, either as individual stems or in beautiful bouquet compositions. They are less commonly found in flower shops because blue roses are created by spraying white roses with blue-colored spray and letting them dry. You can also make them at home. Eternal roses can also be made in blue if you are skilled, but they can also be purchased from gift shops or online platforms. These can be made from different textiles, wrought iron, or other materials.

Blue rose made at home

In addition to the aforementioned spraying method, a blue rose can also be made using the following steps.


  • White roses
  • Blue food coloring or blue ink
  • A glass of water


  1. Trim the stems of the roses slightly in a longitudinal direction.
  2. Mix the blue food coloring or ink into the glass of water.
  3. Place the flowers into the glass and keep them submerged for a few days, allowing the flowers to absorb the food coloring and color the petals.

How to make blue roses:

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