Charles de Mills

The Charles de Mills is a historical rose variety, which was bred in the Netherlands in 1786. It was named after the director of the British East India Company. It belongs to the Gallica roses, which are considered one of the oldest groups of rose varieties. They have historical and cultural significance, and have been cultivated for a long time.

Characteristics of Charles de Mills

The Charles de Mills rose typically grows into a medium-sized shrub, reaching a height of 120-150 cm. The plants produce shorter, compact bushes and often have strong and rigid stems. The diameter of the flowers is approximately 8-10 cm. The plant blooms once, usually in early summer, but it is very abundant and spectacular. Some varieties bloom for only three weeks, but many can bloom for up to six weeks.

The flowers are velvety red or burgundy, and they are large, dense, and round-shaped, with slightly wavy edges. Yellow or white stamens are visible in the center. The Charles de Mills rose has an extremely intense fragrance and is typically characterized by a beautiful shade of deep red or crimson with a stunning color and shape.


Planting can be done in spring or early autumn. It is advisable to provide a sunny or partially shaded location for it, as it thrives best there. Prepare the soil before planting. Remove weeds and provide adequate nutrients. It is important to plant it in loose, well-drained soil. It does not like stagnant water as it can damage the root system.


The Charles de Mills rose requires regular care. It is important to water the plant regularly, especially during drier periods. It also needs nutrition, so considering the use of rose fertilizer is recommended. Protect it from the cold before winter. This can be achieved by covering the bush with pine branches or mulch. Remove faded flowers regularly to promote the formation of new flowers.

This rose variety may be prone to aphids and other pests, so it is important to monitor the plant and intervene with pest control if necessary.

Purchasing Charles de Mills

This rose variety can be obtained in nurseries, rose gardens, and online plant stores. Pay attention to purchasing healthy plants. Gallica roses are very popular among gardeners and rose enthusiasts due to their unique beauty and fragrance.

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