Eternal Rose

The eternal rose is a gift that never withers but lasts a lifetime. The rose is one of the most elegant gifts, whether it’s a single stem or a whole bouquet of roses. It is rightfully considered the queen of flowers, radiating elegance and confidence. Colors can also convey messages, so it’s worth knowing them.

Rose – meaning of colors

  • Red – symbolizes love, passion, desire, strength, and at the same time, confidence.
  • Pink – represents budding love, evoking romance and delicacy.
  • Yellow – symbolizes platonic love and friendship, but it is also the color of jealousy and envy.
  • White – symbolizes purity, peace, and tranquility, but also resignation and farewell.
  • Purple – signifies love at first sight.
  • Blue – often given as encouragement to those facing difficult tasks, to let them know they can do it.

Types of eternal roses

The most elegant ones are bouquets made from live cut flowers or the highly fashionable rose boxes where special roses are packaged in unique boxes. However, if you don’t want it to wither, an eternal rose is the perfect gift.

These gifts are available in various forms:

  • The traditional classic eternal rose in a glass dome.
  • Also classic is the wrought-iron rose in a decorative box.
  • Due to the rose teddy bear shape, it is typically wrapped in cellophane.

Their material can also vary greatly:

  • Wrought iron
  • Metal
  • Textile
  • Foam
  • Wax

An eternal flower gift can even be made at home, DIY-style. For example, a rose made from stockings, but it can also be crafted from other textiles or even soap. Manual dexterity and the materials available at home are the only limits, as imagination knows no bounds. If we still don’t feel inclined to make it ourselves, let’s not despair, as eternal gifts can be ordered or purchased ready-made.

Ordering an eternal rose

Eternal roses, which last forever, can be found on the shelves of gift shops and flower stores, but they are mainly available online as services provided by various gift shops and flower delivery companies. In most places, pre-made gifts can be chosen with prices indicated, but in many cases, customized arrangements can also be requested.

The selection is often accompanied by the price and a photo of the item. Home delivery is often available, and in many cases, no additional fee is charged for this service. It’s worth noting that for most online purchases, registration is required before placing the actual order.

How To Make Eternal Roses:

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