Ghislaine de feligonde

The Ghislaine de Feligonde is a beautiful climbing rose variety, bred by Turbat, a French rose breeder, in 1916. It was named in honor of Countess Ghislaine de Féligonde, who had a great love for roses and gardens. This rose is a hybrid of Rosa multiflora and Rosa moschata. It is also famous for being the first rose to bloom in a pale yellowish-lilac shade.

This rose has an extremely attractive appearance. The flowers are medium-sized and loosely filled, creating a romantic effect. The petals initially open with a yellowish-pink color, and as they age, they gradually take on a pale lilac hue. The flowers often bloom in clusters and have a strong fragrance, which further enhances their allure.

General characteristics of Ghislaine de Feligonde rose

Ghislaine de Féligonde is an extremely fragrant and vigorous flowering plant. Due to its climbing rose nature, it produces long shoots that can grow up to 3-4 meters long. It should be planted in a sunny or semi-shaded location with sufficient space for its growth. It thrives best in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. Good drainage is essential as stagnant water can weaken the plant and increase the risk of diseases.

Care of Ghislaine de Féligonde

Moderate pruning is required. The best time for pruning is after flowering or during the winter dormancy period when the plant is in a dormant state. Regularly remove faded flowers and diseased branches. It appreciates watering during hot summers. However, be cautious not to water the leaves as a damp environment can promote the development of diseases. Mulching can facilitate its care.

This rose variety is particularly resistant to diseases, including black spot and rust, which is advantageous for rose growers. However, it is less tolerant of temperatures below freezing, so extra protection may be necessary in cold climates or during cold winters.

It is often used to adorn pergolas, fences, or walls as it easily climbs and densely covers the surface. The well-maintained plant remains healthy if regularly fertilized and adequately watered.

This rose is an excellent climbing rose variety that can be a true spectacle in gardens. The combination of beautiful flowers, strong growth ability, and disease resistance makes it attractive. With regular nutrient supply, proper watering, and care, it can be a long-lasting ornament in our garden.

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