Groundcover Rose

The Groundcover Rose is a beautiful and low-maintenance rose variety that typically comes in softer color variations, predominantly white and shades of pink and red. Groundcover roses are particularly suitable for small gardens, as decorative elements in front of houses, and can also be used in larger gardens to border beds of taller ornamental plants or planted alongside garden paths.

Characteristics of groundcover roses

They grow to a height of 70-150 cm, forming dense and compact bushes with a well-developed branching system. They can vary in appearance and growth habits, so the planting distance should correspond to their specific requirements, but generally 2-6 rose bushes can be planted per square meter. For optimal coverage, it is advisable to plant them more densely. They require ample space but can be well controlled with regular pruning. They bloom from early summer to late autumn, until the onset of frost.

Caring for a Groundcover Rose

In general Groundcover roses have better winter and frost resistance than average, and they require less maintenance, making them perfect for covering and concealing unused areas.

  • Ensure proper watering during dry periods.
  • Water them regularly but less frequently, as they don’t tolerate stagnant water well.
  • To promote abundant flowering, it is recommended to fertilize twice a year – in spring and autumn.
  • Planting them alongside lavender can help deter aphids.
  • Pruning the faded flowers encourages more abundant blooming.

Pruning groundcover roses:

  • Perform spring pruning between late February and April, adjusting to the weather conditions.
  • Remove diseased, damaged, and dead branches.
  • Cut out aged parts from the base.
  • Trim long shoots above 6-8 buds, weak and short shoots at the base, and shorten shorter shoots to 2-3 buds.
  • Regularly perform summer pruning by removing faded flowers to encourage continuous blooming.

Fragrant groundcover rose

Groundcover roses are generally less fragrant. One well-known variety is Rosa The Fairy, a dense, small-leaved groundcover rose that can bring a refreshing touch to our garden. It is suitable for covering larger areas in public spaces with its small, abundant, clustered flowers. It grows to a height of 0,7-0,9m, with abundant branching and spreading growth. Its leaves are shiny dark green.

The flowers, which are 2-2,5cm in size, bloom in large clusters throughout the summer and are light pink in color. It is advisable to prune them in early spring or after the flowering period.

Groundcover rose prefers sunny locations but can tolerate partial shade. It requires normal or slightly acidic soil. It can be planted in perennial beds, as a groundcover, in shrub groups, or even in containers.

Groundcover Rose Winter Pruning:

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