Henri Matisse Rose

Henri Matisse Rose is a truly special and elegant floribunda rose variety, created by French rose breeder Georges Delbard in 1993. It was named after the French painter of the same origin. It is known for its elegant combination of pink and crimson-colored flowers. The floribunda variety is created by crossing hybrid teas and polyantha roses. They are typically smaller and bushier than hybrid teas, but less dense and less branching than polyantha roses. The flowers are smaller than those of hybrid teas but grow in clusters at the ends of the stems. They are extremely attractive and come in a wide range of colors, including various shades and combinations.

Characteristics of the Henri Matisse Rose


Henri Matisse roses have a long blooming period. They usually start blooming in spring, around May, and continue blooming until autumn. They continuously produce beautiful new flowers, making them highly decorative in gardens and parks.


The flowers are generally smaller than classic hybrid tea roses but larger than polyantha roses. They bloom profusely. The flowers are usually arranged in small clusters and grow at the ends of branches. They come in various colors, including dark red, pink, and white. The flowers can have up to 30 petals and form a complete, large dome, reaching up to 10 cm in diameter.


Henri Matisse roses have vigorous growth and tend to be bushier and generally shorter than hybrid tea roses. Therefore, they are popular in gardens, parks, and even balconies as they are well-suited for smaller spaces.


They can be planted at any time of the year as long as the soil is not frozen. These plants require ample sunlight, so it’s important to select an appropriate location for planting. They reach a final height of approximately 80-90 cm and a width of 50-60 cm. Well-draining, slightly loamy soil is most suitable for them. These varieties are easy to care for and more resistant to diseases and pests. Regular pruning and proper watering are necessary for their maintenance. When watering, be careful not to wet the leaves. During dry and hot summers, water them at least twice a week, but ensure that no stagnant water accumulates at the base.

Continuously remove faded flowers from the plant. In late autumn, trim the stems and remove any diseased or damaged branches.

Purchasing Henri Matisse Rose

Due to its extraordinary colors, this rose enjoys great popularity among gardeners and rose enthusiasts around the world. It is available in horticultural stores and online catalogs. It can be purchased as bare-root or container-grown plants. However, due to its large size, it is typically not shipped by mail to your doorstep.


Henri Matisse Rose / painters choice flower:

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