Leonardo da Vinci Rose

The Leonardo da Vinci floribunda rose is a stunning plant that pays tribute to the Italian Renaissance master. This beautiful rose variety was created by one of the most renowned rose breeders, David Austin. This rose is truly unique in its fullness, as its flowers consist of over 90 petals, typically showcasing gorgeous shades of pink or red.

The roots of the Leonardo da Vinci rose are deeply rooted in classic English and French rose types. This variety was specifically designed to evoke Leonardo da Vinci’s creativity and artistic sensitivity.

The characteristics of the Leonardo da Vinci rose

The flowers of this rose are large-sized and full-petaled. The color range can vary from classic pink to creamy shades, resulting in incredibly attractive and fragrant blooms. This rose variety blooms throughout the summer, continuously producing charming and romantic flowers that enhance the beauty of gardens and parks alike.

It exhibits vigorous bushy growth, filling the garden beautifully but potentially overshadowing other plants. The flowers can reach a diameter of 10-12 cm and can appear in clusters. The rose continuously creates new flowers until cold weather sets in.

Planting and care

During the planting of the Leonardo da Vinci rose, it is important to place it in a sunny or partially sunny location where it can receive at least six hours of sunlight. It thrives in well-draining, loose soil that is rich in nutrients. It is recommended to improve the soil with compost or fertilizer before planting.

The care for this rose variety is relatively simple and involves regular watering, fertilizing, and proper pruning. In the first year after planting, it is crucial to water the rose regularly to aid in its establishment. Regular watering is important, but ensure that the soil remains moist but not overly saturated. Avoid prolonged soaking of the plant’s roots as it can lead to root rot.

Regular inspections and preventive measures, such as using clean gardening tools, can help maintain the rose’s health. Additionally, it exhibits high frost and disease resistance, recognized by its ADR certification. This designation is only given to the most resistant roses in the world. And when it comes to awards, the Leonardo da Vinci rose can proudly boast the Monza Gold Medal, making it even more valuable.

Purchasing the Leonardo da Vinci rose

This rose is becoming increasingly popular and can be found in numerous nurseries and flower shops. Look for these places in nearby garden centers or visit online florists and rose breeders. You can also find information on where to acquire this wonderful rose by searching online or in horticultural magazines. Keep in mind that availability may vary, so it’s worth checking current sources from time to time.


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