Mister Lincoln Rose

The Mister Lincoln Rose is a tall-stemmed tea hybrid variety that originates from California. Bred by American Herbert Swim and Weeks Rose Growers in 1964, the rose was selected as the winner of the All-America Rose Selections in 1965. The beautiful, burgundy-colored, velvety, fully double, strongly fragrant rose quickly became popular in other parts of the world as well. It has a sporadic blooming pattern and the flowers last for a long time. The flowers are fully double, pleasantly scented, and excellent for cut flowers as they open on long stems.

Description of the Mister Lincoln Rose

This variety of rose is capable of growing into a bush that reaches a height of 70-150 cm. Therefore, when planting, it is advisable to leave a spacing of 60 cm between rows and 40 cm between plants. It also has a high light requirement, so it should be placed in a location where it receives at least 4-6 hours of sunlight.

It is not picky about the soil but thrives best in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. In the year of planting, there is no need for additional fertilization. From the second year onwards, it is recommended to incorporate 5-10 kg of well-rotted manure per square meter into the soil. Make sure to use mature compost, as the decaying parts of compost can harm the fine roots. The rose also appreciates the addition of compost.


The most suitable time for pruning is in spring, from mid-February to mid-April. In autumn and early winter, we only cut back faded flowers and diseased branches. During spring pruning, pay attention to leaving 3-4 main branches when cutting back. For weak-growing ones, prune to 3-4 buds, for medium-growing ones, prune to 5-6 buds, and for strong-growing ones, prune to 6-8 buds. It’s worth noting that pruning should always be done at a slight angle, directly 5-10 mm above the bud. Remove suckers and old branches from the base. Cut back and dispose of damaged or diseased shoots. During pruning, aim to make the shrubs more airy. Continuously remove faded flowers from them.

Winterizing Mr Lincoln Rose

Although it can withstand cold and frost down to -4ºC, it is advisable to mound up the base of Mr. Lincoln rose plants in late autumn. It is ideal if the mound covers the graft union at a height of 15-20 cm above the ground. Additionally, for standard rose trees, it is recommended to fill the gaps between the branches with straw or paper and cover the crown with a sack. It’s advisable to secure the sack at the base of the crown using twine, ensuring that the branches are not damaged.


Mr. Lincoln Rose:

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