Purple Rose

The color of the purple rose has a special effect on us. Its color, like lavender, calms and relaxes us.

The Effects of Colors

Different colors have different effects on us, and this is true even if we only imagine them. The colors that have the strongest impact on us are primarily green, yellow, red, and blue. Colors are often divided into warm (red, orange, and yellow) and cool (purple, blue, and green) colors. Our mood is influenced by colors in different ways.

Purple is a harmonious color that relaxes and soothes the nerves, releases tension and stress. Purple was worn by kings in the past. Therefore, it often brings to mind wealth and loyalty. Purple is a feminine color. In addition, the color purple promotes meditation, introspection, and deepening of one’s thoughts. Along with colors, scents also have a beneficial effect on the soul and evoke pleasant feelings in our subconscious. Just think of the essential oils used in various aromatherapies, such as lavender or rose oil.

Purple rose

Purple roses are mainly found among the hybrid tea rose varieties. The color of the purple rose calms, fills with peace, and refreshes. Purple is also the color of extravagance, spirituality, and wisdom. Deep purple roses are given when someone falls in love at first sight. So if someone gives us a rose of this color, it is a sure sign that they fell in love with us at first sight.

Buying purple roses – a bouquet of purple roses

The distinctive deep purple color of the rose is less commonly found on the shelves of flower shops, but many flower delivery services offer special arrangements of purple rose bouquets in various sizes. Here, beautiful bouquets can be ordered in almost every shade, ranging from light colors to deep purple.

Additionally, eternal roses in the color purple are also available, which can be found in gift shops or on various online portals. These can be made from different textiles, wrought iron, or other materials. Those who are skilled in handicrafts can also make them themselves, either as a gift or as a beautiful decoration for their home.


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