Rose and Lavender

Rose and Lavender planted next to each other serve a great purpose. Their sunlight requirements are similar, and lavender keeps pests, aphids, and ants away from rose bushes. Additionally, the round, silvery-green bushes of lavender beautifully complement the colors and beauty of roses.

By carefully selecting rose and lavender varieties, we can create a continuously stunning flower garden. Moreover, they have extremely beneficial effects on the body, so it is fortunate to keep both of these flowers at home, as they can also be used as natural remedies.

Rose and Lavender have beneficial effects


Lavender has been an important plant in beauty care since ancient times, and it is still widely used in the beauty industry and aromatherapy today. Lavender’s beneficial effects primarily manifest in its immune-boosting, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and disinfectant properties. Its flowers and the lavender oil derived from them are especially beneficial.

Depending on the weather, lavender blooms from early June to the end of July. It is worth obtaining it during this time. Throughout Europe, there are numerous lavender fields where visitors are welcomed with “pick-your-own” promotions during this period. In Hungary, for example, the Tihany Lavender Festival awaits with large-scale events, programs, exhibitions, and a market offering various products made from lavender for interested individuals.


Rose has long been used in the beauty industry, but it also has numerous beneficial effects on the body: it calms the heart and nerves, and acts as a tension and stress reliever. Even rose jam has a soothing effect on the consumer, as it has positive effects on cells and nourishes tissues.

Furthermore, rose is a major ingredient in the cosmetics industry, found in various tonics and creams, as its different components cool, soothe, and tone the skin, making it fresher, brighter, and more radiant. Due to its disinfectant and astringent properties, it is also found in facial and eye cleansing products. The petals of the rose are primarily used, and they are increasingly gaining popularity in gastronomy as well. Rose jam, rose petal syrup, and rose petal ice cream can be made from them, or even a lavender rose jam.

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