Rose Box

What is a rose box? One of the most decorative gifts of our time: beautiful roses packaged in a stylish box. The shape of the boxes and the color of the roses can be chosen individually, creating a personalized arrangement.

Roses are considered the queen of flowers, representing a true classic gift suitable for any occasion. The color of roses can convey a message, so it is important to choose the appropriate color for the occasion.

Rose Box – Meaning of Colors

Colors are often divided into warm (red, orange, and yellow) and cool (purple, blue, and green) tones. Colors not only influence our mood but also affect our health and happiness in different ways.

  • Red – symbolizes love, passion, desire, strength, and also confidence.
  • Pink – represents budding love, suggesting romance and tenderness.
  • Yellow – symbolizes platonic love and friendship, but it can also be associated with jealousy and envy.
  • White – symbolizes purity, tranquility, and peace, but it can also represent surrender and farewell.
  • Purple – signifies love at first sight.
  • Blue – often given as encouragement to those facing difficult tasks, signifying the belief that they can accomplish it.

Since each color conveys a different message, it’s worth being aware of this before giving a gift. Roses in boxes can be monochromatic, but you can also order them in multiple colors. The most elegant ones are the arrangements made from fresh-cut flowers, but if you don’t want them to wither, you can choose eternal roses as well. These roses can be made from foam, fabric, soap, or other materials, ensuring that the gift truly lasts a lifetime.

Rose box orders

Rose boxes are less commonly available in flower shops and are primarily offered as services by various online flower delivery companies. In most places, pre-made gift boxes can be chosen with indicated prices, but in many cases, customized arrangements can also be requested. To assist with the selection process, a photo of each rose box is typically provided. Home delivery is also available, and in some cases, no additional charge is applied for this service. Some places may require registration before placing an order.

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