Teddy bear rose

The teddy bear rose is an eternal rose gift that can be given for any occasion. The rose is already the queen of flowers, suitable for many different occasions, and accompanies us throughout our lives. Different colors have different symbolic meanings. Accordingly, there are occasions when it is appropriate to give a certain color of flower, and vice versa, there are occasions when it is not. We want to please and bring joy to the person we dedicate the rose to. The recipient of the rose would like to preserve it in its original state for a long time, but the only solution for that is drying it. An alternative to this is a gift rose made with the help of an artificial rose. One of the most fashionable ones nowadays is the teddy bear rose

Teddy bear rose

The teddy bear rose is a cute little teddy bear shape adorned with hundreds of foam roses, or more precisely, carefully glued on. These types of gifts are not made from live cut roses but from durable foam roses. Therefore, they can serve as long-lasting gifts for occasions such as graduations, birthdays, or any other events for our loved ones. There are various colors and shapes to choose from, and they are usually purchased in decorative boxes. You can find them in flower shops or gift stores, but they can also be ordered online. When purchasing this way, they are delivered to the requested location. It’s truly a lovely gift! Just like the rose box, which is also an eternal gift.


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