The Rose is one of our most beloved flowers, the queen of flowers, which has been with us for centuries. It was already known and used in folk medicine for the production of essential oils and perfumes, but also for medicinal purposes. After all, the wild rose hip, with its rich vitamin C content, was highly valued for its health benefits.

In modern times, the beauty industry mainly uses the petals of the Damascus rose, which plays a significant role in refreshing and hydrating the skin and eyes due to its excellent refreshing properties. It is also used for wound healing and against cellulite.

When consumed internally as rose tea, its effects primarily contribute to mood improvement, stress relief, and combating depression. It is also helpful against gout and rheumatism. As a good astringent, it is used as a mouthwash for gum atrophy, gingivitis, and mouth ulcers. Its tea is commonly consumed for gynecological problems and during the menopausal period.

This special flower always symbolizes the good, the beautiful, the noble, and it has its place not only in gardens but also in the parks of castles and squares. It accompanies us throughout our lives from birth to the final farewell, and it is present in cosmetics, motifs, and symbols.

The colors and varieties of roses

The word “rose” can refer to the woody-stemmed perennial plant belonging to the rose family, its flower, and even the female name. Each person has their own associations with roses, depending on what is dear to them in relation to it. And among the many colorful varieties, everyone has their favorite color. Thanks to rose breeders, there are truly special roses. These include two-tone roses, as well as the multi-petaled English rose varieties, which evoke historical roses with their velvety petals.

For some, the rose brings to mind idyllic images of medieval and Renaissance courts, where beautiful climbing roses adorned the castle walls or bloomed in gardens, enchanting the residents of fortresses and castles with their fragrance. Nowadays, it is mainly the shrub rose that decorates public spaces, parks, castle gardens, and even small gardens. Although we can increasingly encounter the visually stunning standard roses, which are becoming more fashionable, including their multi-colored variants. The often received mini rose as a gift is also a beautiful decoration for apartments and balconies and doesn’t have to end up in the trash bin after two weeks if we know how to care for it.

Caring for Roses

Planting roses is not a particularly complicated task if we take into account the characteristics of rose varieties, and we can’t go wrong. When it comes to care, there are only one or two key aspects, such as avoiding stagnant water underneath, but there are also varieties that require minimal care, especially among ground-cover roses. Those who haven’t been discouraged from planting roses in their gardens might still hesitate due to rose pruning. This is the operation that causes many people to refrain from having this beautiful shrub in their gardens. However, it is a skill that can be learned.

Buying the Rose

Roses are available in various colors and varieties at different nurseries, where experts can assist us in making a choice. Of course, many nurseries now have online shops where pictures and prices help with making the right decision. Most online shops also offer delivery, so we can be sure to receive the plants in professional packaging and with the utmost care.

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