Varieties of cut roses

The most characteristic varieties of cut roses are the hybrid tea roses. These are the most spectacular and impressive roses of all, and their fragrance is also noteworthy. Unfortunately, nowadays roses have less and less scent.

Main varieties of cut roses – hybrid teas

The flowers of hybrid tea roses are large, striking, and exceptionally beautiful from a distance. The range of colors and shapes of hybrid teas is outstanding, and their appearance is elegant and unique, making them among the most eye-catching cut flowers. The main characteristics of hybrid teas are relatively long and less branched flower stems, usually ending in a large, fragrant flower. They generally grow upright, with their height depending on the variety, ranging from 50 to 100 cm.

One well-known and sought-after variety of cut rose is the Barcarole

It belongs to the hybrid tea rose category and is characterized by its long flowering period. The Barcarole produces impressive-sized buds, and its stem is almost thornless. It blooms until autumn and the flowers have a pleasant, unusual scent. The petals are snowy and velvety on the outside. The flowers do not fade in bright sunlight. They are held on long stems, which is ideal for cutting.

Storage of cut rose varieties

Roses are one of the most sought-after cut flowers, and for good reason. How do we store them if we want to enjoy them for as long as possible?

  • Preferably, cut them after 3 pm in the afternoon.
  • They should be partially, not fully, opened.
  • Use a sharp, clean pruner for cutting.
  • Leave at least 3 leaves on the stem.
  • Place the flower in clean water, without any leaves submerged.
  • Avoid placing the vase in direct sunlight or strong light; store it in a cool place if possible.
  • Trim the rose stem and change the water every day.
  • Keeping it in distilled water helps it stay alive longer.

Varieties of cut roses

The various varieties of cut roses must pass numerous tests from breeding to market release, as these varieties need to be perfectly transportable. To achieve this, they simulate transportation by ship, subject them to durability tests, and examine the strength of the flowers and stems. The long, straight stem is also important because it allows for proper transportation and arranging of the roses into bouquets. The leaves of cut roses are darker to create a contrasting effect with the flowers. Due to these factors, the fragrance of the roses becomes less significant, as the focus is on transportability, resistance, a wide range of colors, frequent blooming, and since they are mainly shipped in a bud state, the fragrance is reserved for those buds to bloom. This explains why cut roses are less fragrant than their garden counterparts.

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